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Solutions for better operation of the machines and better prints

The N-DO-6 model has been designed to be operated automatically by one operator, printing with 20,000 cph, and high quality, meanwhile the plates and mandrels are changed rapidly. Additionally, feeds and prints short cups with no problem….

By reading the following article, you will be guided to reach the above aims:

Point 1: Increasing the length of re-stacker’s table

The minimum length of re-stacker table has been considered for this machine; because the space that this machine occupies is unknown, but if you have big space you can add a metal sheet to its length and expand it four times. This way the operator finds extra time for bringing cartons, filling the cup bank, etc. That’s why we have not closed the re-stacker’s end.

Point 2: Increasing the height of cells of cups bank

The same situation goes for the cups bank as well. That is if the height of ceiling allows, you can increase the height up to 3 times. This way the capacity of cups bank increases to 6,000 and the operator will need to fill the bank every 20 minutes with 20,000 prints per hour.

Point 3: Quick change of plate

Plate cylinders have been designed in a way that is dismounted rapidly by only 3 screws. If you would have extra set of plate cylinder, you will be able replace them and the design will machine in operation. By turning the machine for some minutes, you can start the next print. For un/screwing the screws you will need to have pneumatic screw driver.

Point 4: Cleaning the plate

Unscrewing 6 screws, the plate and its cylinder will be dismounted from the machine. Then you can wash them by brush in a container. Be careful not to harm the fixing pins on the cylinder. Following this method prevents you from wasting time and energy.

Point 5: Some guidelines about printing on light cups

Well- and precisely-made mandrels are quite important in high speed print. Sometimes the cup is so much light that cannot be discharged from the mandrel after printing; so it returns again for printing and causes the machine stop. If your cups are like this, the solution is as the following:

There is an air push station on ejection unit which helps the light cups to be discharged from mandrels. Of course, you need to first send the air to this station. This option ensures printing light cups without repeatedly returning the cup inside the machine. It also, cools the mandrels down to avoid the light cups from melting on mandrel.

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AZARSAYAN On September - 14 - 2011

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