N-DO-6: Five Color Cup Printing Machine

World Most Small-size and Full-covered Dry Offset Cup Printer

General Features

  • Up to 5 color - dry offset
  • Full automatic
  • Prints on PP, PE, PS, EPS cups
  • Max. production speed up to 30000 cph for 200cc cup
  • UV drying system on mandrel
  • Automatic cup bank in the entrance with the capacity of 1500 cups
  • Registration system done out of machine
  • Less floor space
  • CE approved
  • Adjustable speed with an electronic drive
  • Suitable for conical and cylindrical containers
  • Automatic re-stacker with pre-adjustable counter for different cup sizes

Dimensions of the Printable Cups

  • Max. diameter of the cup: 180 mm
  • Min. diameter of the cup: 30 mm
  • Max. print height: 120 mm
  • Max. print length: 560 mm
  • Max. cup height: 160 mm
  • Min. cup height: 5 mm
  • Max. taper: 15’

Dimensions of the machine

  • Height: 272 cm
  • Width: 224 cm
  • Length: 258 cm

More Details About This Cup Printer

Different Sizes of Cups and Prints width=