Screen Tube Printing Machine

Model N-MS-4

General Features:

  • Single color - Screen Printing Machine
  • Maximum production speed: 7000 pcs/hour
  • Maximum printable diameter : 60 mm
  • UV Drying system

Special Specifications:

tube printing machine automatically takes cylindrical parts and rotates them in front of the flame for treatment, and then at the next station, the presence of the part is controlled; It is then printed at the printing station while the peripheral speed of the workpiece is equaled to the linear velocity of the cliché by a servomotor, and is automatically evacuated after drying in the UV dryer. Any possible errors are read from the drivers and displayed on the monitor to the operator.

The machine is provided to the buyer with standard and accurate technical and electrical drawings.

This machine can print parts in several colors in several times by having a servomotor under the printing machine.

Model MS-4

General Features:

  • Maximum production speed: 3000 pcs/hour
  • Maximum printable diameter: 120 mm

All of the specifications mentioned for MS -3 are true for this machine. and the sole difference is its application for conical products like tooth paste tube, CAP and etc. Moreover, one degree of automation has been added and the different parts are fed to machine automatically.

Machine Dimensions:

  • Height: 170 cm
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Width: 100 cm

Special Specifications:

After installation in the machine, the bottle gets treatment 3 times steadily in the stop and it is dried by warm air and automatically evacuated in a rotating manner in 4 steps.

The specifications of MS Series Machines:

Three times faster than similar screen printing machines

A typical screen print machine is always performing the following cycle:

  • Feeding
  • Printing
  • Ejecting

However, in MS series due to the existence of Index, all the three steps are done simultaneously. Therefore, eliminating the time spent for feeding and ejecting results in noticeable speed increase of the machine. As it is obvious in the video, the operator operates the machine very easily.

- One MS series machine equals 9 typical machines with the same productivity, and one fifth of personnel.

- These machines have treatment station and some hot air dryer stations, each of which is completely separate sets (machines) in similar machines. Noticing the machine speed variation, to getting an equal product there must be three treatments, three print machines, and three dryer conveyors. Treatment task in this machine occurs monotonously, due to the rotation of the part in the flame. This condition is also similar for the dryer. Also the operation of the machines and transfer of the parts from a machine to another requires six or seven workmen, which is done by only two operators in MS machines.

Very High Print Quality

The high and unique print quality of MS series machines are results of the structure of the machines.

  1. Without considering the variables such as ink viscosity, air pressure, heat, cold environment, the pressure, and etc, the movement of the cliché is constant and fix; that’s because there is a cam with electromotor power for the movement of the cliché.
  2. The high speed of the machine, allows the use of small hole net, and also using halftones of 80 dpi resolutions, without being worried about draining.
  3. When you want to roll a conical part on a horizontal line, you see that the narrow part drags and the thick part spins. The same occurs while printing cups and other conical shapes and causes a shadow below and above the part. This problem has been solved in MS Series Machines.
  4. If you put a digital scale under the SQG, you will find out that pressure of SQG increases and decreases about a gram without any interference.

More unlikely ruining and breakdown

Necessary time for designing a medical system is much more than pneumatic machines, but the breakdown possibility in a mechanical system which is designed and implemented, is very low. Therefore, instead of pneumatic machines, mechanical machines are used in MS machines designs.