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The plate of dry offset printers is composed of different parts:

  1. Right And Left Sidebar Hoes: The holes are used for stretching the plate on the cylinder. They are also used to help better plate punch.
  2. Print Area: The area marked as “AZAR SAYAN” is called print area. Your artwork for getting printed is placed here. The size of the plate is different for every printing machinery.
  3. Top and Bottom Bars: The bars are used for adjusting the last rollers which transfers ink to the plate. With approaching the roller to the plate and seeing each ink on each bar, the operator recognizes the deflection of the roller to the cylinder plate and consequently adjusts it. The more the distance between the bars, the precise are the adjustments; however, if you are certain about your machine, you can eliminate the bars to reduce the costs, although usually they are not eliminated.
  4. Plus (+) Signs on the Upper and Lower Bars: These signs are indicators for ink registration so that each color is printed on its right place. It is extremely important that each ink has the same position to the (+) sign. If not, it will be impossible to register colors with color registration device later.
Did you know that AZAR SAYAN's dry offset cup printers are now in operation in more than 20 countries all over the world? See the products page to find out why.
AZARSAYAN On May - 30 - 2011

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