Azarsayan Machine Company, a printing machinery manufacturer, introduced its first square container offset printing machine, named "R-DO-7". This fully automatic machine is capable of printing on square and oval containers with high speed and exceptional quality.

The machine's feeder and ejector are designed with the most precise mechanisms. The maximum printable length of this machine is 55 centimeters and it includes a container bank with a capacity of 1680 pieces that works fully automatically. Azarsayan Machine Company's whole effort in designing and manufacturing this machine was to produce a product without any defects.

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Azarsayan oval , square and rectangular container printing machine



The S-DO-6 model is a different and new version of the N-DO-5 pail printing machine, which prints on pails with a maximum diameter of 34 cm in dry offset at a speed of 3000 pails per hour.

Azarsayan 6-color offset pail printing machine

Professors of Razi Technical University and Mohaghegh Ardabili visited AZARSAYAN MACHINE Company


in visiting a number of professors of Razi Technical University and Mohaghegh Ardabili of Azarsayan Machine Company , During the meeting we decided to employ a number of active graduates and students in this company.

professors of Razi Technical University and Mohaghegh Ardabili in Azarsayan Machine Company

Azar Sayan on TV


Part of Azarsayan's activities in the national news of Iran TV

PLAST 2012 Exhibition in Milan - Italy

Azar Sayan is participating in PLAST 2012 (International Exhibition for Plastics and Rubber Industries) will take place in Milan, from Tuesday May 8 to Saturday May 12, 2012 in Milan, Italy.

PLAST 2012 – International Exhibition for Plastics and Rubber Industries, at its sixteenth edition, is organized by PROMAPLAST srl in cooperation with FIERA MILANO spa.

PLAST 2012 Exhibition in Milan - Italy

PLAST 2012 is an event supported by EUROMAP (Europe’s Association of plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers), and it is an event approved by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry).

New Upgrade: Robo Pack

We are proud to introduce new feature and improvement on our dry offset cup printers.

Automatic Robo Pack, a new module on AZAR SAYAN's offset cup printers.

New Upgrade: Robo Pack


Azar Sayan is taking part in 23rd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubbers Industries held in Guangzhou, China. Chinaplas is the world's third largest trade fair of its kind, following K Fair in Germany, the world's No.1 plastics and NPE in the USA the second largest plastics fair in the world.

1900 exhibitors from 36 countries are participating and presenting their products in this exhibition.

Azar Sayan Machine Co. is pleased to meet you in Hall 10.1, Booth No. A01.

CHINAPLAS Exhibition 2009

Place of Exhibition


The first and important of them is pail printer machine, type DO-5. We hope to deliver it to customer until March 15, 2009. Completion of designing and production of this machine has been the majority of company development activity during last 8 months. The aim of designing this machinery is producing full automatic and fastest pail printer with best print quality. Four oscillator rollers with exact mechanism, two rollers on the plate, 11 rollers collection on each station, about double of normal machinery and with another unique features promise best print quality. About full automatic carrying of pail from feeder to re-stacker we did not produce big cup printer machine in fact we have designed and produced special machine for working with pail.

As N-DO-6 machines, cup feeder and ejecter have designed with most exact mechanism. In this machine too special mechanism is designed and produced for full automatic feeder of pail and completely sure re-stacker. The diameter of printable pail that machine can print all of pail surface is 35 cm. One station for treatment, one station for grouping adjustment before and after print and one UV dye station are examples from index octad (8) stations of machine. This machine consist of pail bank with 100 pail capacity before feeder and conveyor with 200 pail capacity after grouping and counting that work full automatic.

All of our attempts at designing and producing are production a machine without any lack. All of AZAR SAYAN wait with excitement to first movement of DO-5 that will be biggest world pail printer with 15 tones steel and 6 color stations.


Designing and producing of DO-5 had impressed all of other activity of designing unit but after completion of DO-5 designing project, designing of N-DO-6 is continued. Important thing About DO-6 machines were simplicity, confident operation and best print quality. For example NO CUP-NO PRINTER system was not put on this model. For different reasons:

  • This system was transferred from machines with IR dye system to this UV dye machines and practically has no applications.
  • Feeder is so sure to have any error.
  • Supposing that any error comes, because of drying mandrel in front of UV system, dose not has any pollution for next cups.
  • But practically N-DO-6 goes on a rout that meantime simply has had all of features of complicated machines such as N-DO-8.

And now the newest type of N-DO-6 is designing. In 12.29.2008 Tehran exhibition was the last time that you saw N-DO-6 We hope until 5 months, the new version of N-DO-6 start to apply. Reach to 45000 prints per hour with sure operation, best print quality and more automation are important aid of designing this version of N-DO-6.


This type of cup printer, like others is rested behind of unanticipated requests for N-DO-6 and also priority of DO-5 designing. The aim of working on DO-8 has been production of a machine with utmost automation and print quality. New version of this machine that can print in 8 colors will ready for operation until 5 months.


This type of cup printer, like others is rested behind of unanticipated requests for N-DO-6 and also priority of DO-5 designing. The aim of working on DO-8 has been production of a machine with utmost automation and print quality. New version of this machine that can print in 8 colors will ready for operation until 5 months.


Phone number (+98) 45-33873083-5 For 24 hours answering has allocated for after sale services. massages is saved with date and time. In the first working time, the messages will attended and move to customer's computer sonic file.