tube Printing Machine

Model T-DO-7

General Features

  • Seven Color – Dry offset
  • Varnish on mandrel
  • UV dryer: 2 units on mandrel
  • (1th unit as print dryer & 2nd unit as varnish dryer)
  • Corona treatment system
  • Automatic loader for tube input
  • Automatic loader for tube output
  • The machine maximum speed: 200 tubes per minute
  • The machine weight: about 4 tones
  • Selection of 1, 2 or 4 blankets on central cylinder
  • Every print unit has two rollers to transfer ink
    to the plate simultaneously
  • Register adjustment while machine working
  • Optional addition: automatic register adjustment

Tube Dimensions

  • Max. Rim diameter: 90mm
  • Min. Rim diameter: 15mm
  • Max. Length: 220mm
  • Min. Length: 10mm