Cup Printing Machine

Model DO-7

General Features

  • Seven color-Dry offset
  • UV dryer on mandrel
  • Automatic cup storage with capacity of 1700 to 2500 cups (expandable up to 6000 cups)
  • Register Adjustment while machine working
  • Optional Addition: Automatic register adjustment
  • The machine has been tested with the speed of 600 cups per minute for 200cc cups
  • Full automatic stacker in output with ability to count and stack cups’ columns
  • Optional Addition: Robotic Box Filling Video here

Dimensions of the Printable Cups

  • Max. rim diameter 180mm
  • Max. print height 120mm
  • Max tapper 15°

Dimensions of the machine

  • Length– 281cm
  • Width – 280cm
  • Height – 290cm
  • Weight approx. – 3600kg

Different Sizes of Cups and Prints

Another video of the DO-7 model:

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